Barbara Schultz Image Consulting

Image Editing and Management

Barbara Schultz, Artist and Visual Historian, has over 25 years of photo experience in the publishing and the image licensing industry, with knowledge of image collections world-wide. Ms. Schultz has contributed to the illustration of over 90 titles, sourcing images world-wide from commercial, public domain archives, museums, academic, and other specialized sources.

Her career has straddled the industry conversion from print to digital images. As a managing Historical and Collection Editor at Corbis from 1992-2007, she took active part in the transformation of the image industry with its collection aggregation, the digital access to public domain collections, the emergence of microstock, and global image sourcing.



Services Available

  • Image Research and Editing across all subject and images types.
  • Image Research and Editing expertise in Arts, History, and Archival News.
  • Public Domain Image Acquisitions.
  • Rights Negotiation, Copyright and Permission Management.
  • Custom Colorization, by traditional painting and digitization.



Barbara Schultz Image Consulting
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